What I’m working on


There are times when I wake up in the morning and feel so alive that I’m like a warrior wanting to conquer every moment. On such days, I work on myself rather well. I go for a walk, do some asanas, some pranayama, eat healthy, sing when I do my chores, make exhaustive lists, revisit my resolutions and even find time to talk to my plants or listen to the twitter of the birds. Most importantly,  I manage to free-write, tweet, post on my blog and read the stipulated number of pages from the books on my monthly list. On other days, I wake up with a heavy head. It’s filled with thoughts I’ve engaged with the previous day, some remnants of my dreams, and wayward musings that gatecrash into my mind. On such days, I am compelled to work on weeding out the stuff that populates my brain. I sulk, procrastinate and then admonish myself for giving in to my moods.

A regular day in my life combines work for a regular paycheck, and work for pleasure Both involve editing and writing. As I work from home,  it requires quite a bit of discipline to not allow the personal to overtake the professional. At the same time, it’s a struggle to meet the timelines set for my own writing. Obviously the work-for-moolah timelines take precedence over the work-for-joy ones, though the former too does give me enough satisfaction for me to continue with it.

I work as an Independent Editor, doing some work for a pharmaceutical, and editing books for a publishing house. On the anvil are a food memoir, a book of short stories, and my second novel. The coming year will hopefully see far more momentum on all three works in progress.