What I’m working on

I relocated to Pune in January 2017. Its more than three months now, and just when I think I’ve settled in, a new challenge comes up and there are new learnings too.

I wake up to the song of the Koel. I don’t need an alarm any more. Her cooing breaks the cool silence of the morning. Soon, the air is filled with the twitter of birds. The mornings are filled with rapture. I’m working on slowing down, on stopping to listen to this melody that makes my heart swell with gratitude for one more day on earth.

My plants need tending too. I have hung up bird feeds but need more greenery around to entice them. I’m also keen on growing a kitchen garden.

On the work front, I now edit Fitgenie Blogs, a holistic fitness site. It’s both wonderful and challenging, and takes up most of my time. I’m also working on the final draft of my novel. At the same time, I’ve begun plotting my second one, but it’s on the backburner at the moment.