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The cash crunch and my ‘note’worthy moments

Originally posted on IRATICA :
“Are you going to the bank today?” Ira asked my husband. She knew that he had been queuing up outside different banks almost every other day to withdraw the princely sums that were being doled out…

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A Spider, Ants and an Angry Crow

Originally posted on IRATICA :
Last morning, I was on an island. Not marooned. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t an island at all. But, when you are with an almost five-year-old, with a fertile imagination, a mound of soil…

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The Father I Did Not Know

I cannot truly say that I do not know him. I have his blood running through my veins. I know from a couple of black and white, dog-eared photographs that I look like him. My eyes, I’ve inherited from Mother. … Continue reading

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My new post on Iratica

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Embracing Wellness

I was told that she didn’t mince her words, that what you saw was what you got. I was told that she was straightforward and honest, sometimes brutally so. I like people who wear no masks. I was looking forward … Continue reading

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Krishna of Konkan

I didn’t notice him as we checked in at the reception, at a resort at Kudaal, in Konkan. He was standing behind us, waiting patiently for us to complete our formalities. It was only when the manager beckoned him saying, … Continue reading

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Behind the Closed Door

We lived cheek by jowl in bright, roomy houses, as tenants who rented them under the then prevalent pagdi system. A weathered, wooden door separated us, and had it not been kept bolted from both sides, our houses would have … Continue reading

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