The cash crunch and my ‘note’worthy moments


“Are you going to the bank today?” Ira asked my husband. She knew that he had been queuing up outside different banks almost every other day to withdraw the princely sums that were being doled out so that we had food on the table, and on some days, a little jam too. We were learning new lessons in frugal living. I had read about the Amish, who are said to have weathered recession far better than most Americans. The time had come to find, like the Amish, true abundance in simplicity, sharing and saving, the last of which was impossible given that we had barely enough to sustain us on some days. Cash was the new cow, sacred and protected.

I have, for a long time, harboured intentions of leading a more minimalist and spartan life, but nothing had prepared me for the monastic existence, which we were forced to…

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Amateur birder, book-stalker, interpreter of melodies, naturalist, writer-watcher, spice sorcerer, doodler, walker, yoga teacher, struggling novelist...
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