Now That I’m Gone

Now that I’m gone…

Cry dear nation, now that I’m gone,

Praise me, honour me, make me your pawn.

Talk about my courage, glorify my fight,

Now that I’m gone, try to set things right…

 Light candles, march along, shake your heads in grief,

Shout slogans, mouth platitudes, chalk out your brief,

Call me new names, forget I had my own,

Now that I’m gone, pledge to protect my clone.

Write about the night they pinned me to the ground,

When they gnawed at my flesh, took their pound,

Ripped me open with a loud guffaw,

Now that I’m gone, change the law…

Don’t miss the details, the time of the day,

‘What was I wearing?’ What did I say?’

‘Why was I out?’ ‘Why did I protest?’

Now that I’m gone, unite to save the rest…

I was a young girl, I had a little dream.

All that remains is a bloodcurdling scream.

I loved him, he and I and then, the bus drive

Now that I’m dead, keep me alive…

 –         Archana Pai Kulkarni


About thesepeoplehere

Amateur birder, book-stalker, interpreter of melodies, naturalist, writer-watcher, spice sorcerer, doodler, walker, yoga teacher, struggling novelist...
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